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Towing Service

Taylor's Auto Body Restoration & Repair LLC is the trusted towing company in town, boasting great rates, a highly-skilled, capable staff, and rapid roadside service.

If it has wheels, we can tow it. No matter what trouble you run into on the road, the solution is always the same: call us at (816) 752-5939.

Full-Service Towing Company

We’re a local towing company with a comprehensive list of towing and roadside assistance services. Our automotive technicians work around the clock to jumpstart cars, tow wrecks, and replace tires for local motorists in sticky situations.

Our services include:

  • Flatbed towing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Gas delivery service
  • Jumpstart service
  • Heavy-duty towing
  • Long-distance towing
  • Mobile tire services
  • Parking enforcement

Ultimately, if something happens to your car on the road, there’s a good chance it’s one of our specialties. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff if you have any questions about the services we provide.

Expert Towing Service Technicians

We employ only the most talented and knowledgeable technicians on our crew. Every member of our personnel is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform complete roadside automotive assistance and removal services.

We are screened and trained tow truck drivers with years of first-hand experience behind the wheel operating both light- to heavy-duty haulers. We continually stay up to date with industry standards and best towing practices for all types and sizes of vehicles.

Towing Company Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Perhaps the only thing our clients appreciate even more than our in-depth industry expertise is our unrivaled level of customer service. We recognize that no one wants to be in a position where they require a tow truck, which is why we’re committed to making a challenging experience as positive as we can. With our calm and collected presence on the scene, you’ll stay safe and stress-free as we seamlessly execute an exit strategy that will put your roadside disaster in your rearview mirror.

Fast Local Towing Dispatches

Being stuck on the road can be a scary and potentially dangerous experience. At our company, the safety of our clientele is always our most urgent and immediate priority. For your safety, we’ve honed our in-house dispatch system to be lightning-fast. We refuse to allow our clients to wait even a minute longer than necessary while they might be in harm’s way.

To start, we boast flexible availabilities so that anytime you call, we’ll answer. From there, our operators are adept at quickly and accurately assessing the appropriate service that you need. We’ll calmly speak with you and collect all the information we need to transmit to our on-call towing specialists.

Our tow truck drivers jump into action the instant they receive notice. We’ll be on the scene before you know it. While you wait for us to arrive, our operators will walk you through the steps you can take to maximize your safety, such as turning on your hazard lights and, if possible, moving yourself and your car as far away from ongoing traffic as possible.

For a dispatch that no one else can match—contact Taylor's Auto Body Restoration & Repair LLC!

Affordable Tow Truck Service

We operate our business with the same principle on which we founded it—that transparency and fair prices are the clients’ rights. We’re committed to that principle to the same degree today as we were in the beginning, which we why we offer our quotes 100% upfront and obligation-free. We believe our clients deserve to know what their service will cost from the outset.

When you’re stranded on the road, you don’t have the option to shop around for deals. That’s why we take the guesswork out of towing rates. Simply put, we offer our best price every time. We work tirelessly to get our rates among the lowest on the market, and then we work even harder to keep them there.

We’re also pleased to announce we work with most major insurance companies in the area. If you need assistance liaising with your provider during the billing process, we can help.

Emergency Towing Services

Emergencies are unexpected by nature—it’s impossible to plan when you might need the help of a roadside technician in advance. This fact is precisely why our company decided to offer flexible operating hours. We strive to be the all-round, best-value tow truck company in the community, and to do that, we decided that we needed to be prepared to take every call, whenever you need us most. Reach out to us today to talk to one of our representatives.

Our Heavy-Duty Towing Fleet

With something as valuable as your car, you can’t take any chances. Our company heavily invests in our fleet of hauling machinery because we understand that your car deserves the safest mode of transportation out there. We own and operate flatbeds, hook and chain, and integrated tow trucks. Our fleet boasts a range of vehicles equipped with advanced technology for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty loads. We utilize only the top-rated chains, straps, and rigging materials in the industry for the most secure attachments possible. Thanks to our high-strength trucks and equipment, we can transport anything from motorcycles to 18-wheelers. What’s more, we keep our fleet on a meticulous maintenance schedule so that we can always have full confidence that it’s running at peak performance on every call. Before we take a particular truck out for a service, we conduct a routine step-by-step safety inspection to ensure it’s in good shape for a flawless haul.

Request Your Car Towing Service Now

With years in the business, we have yet to encounter a car we can’t tow. Whether you’re stuck in the mud, in a ditch, or your tank’s running on empty, you can count on us for a speedy resolution to whatever roadside situation you find yourself in. Our technicians are true masters of the trade, providing immediate dispatches, complete roadside assistance, and unparalleled customer service—all for a reasonable price. Speak with one of our operators today to get a no-obligation quote of our services. Just call (816) 752-5939!

Contact us now to get a free estimate!

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